Christmas at the HOPE Center!

We had an amazing Christmas at the HOPE Center! We gave out gift bags for all patients and caregivers staying with us (thanks to donations from the crew and a couple different national offices!) on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas day we had a big special meal with all of the patients. Everyone was just so happy the whole time. It was so much fun. This post is mostly just photos. Photo credit for all the Christmas pics: Ian Graham

As always, the HOPE Center, all the patients, and I would gladly accept all of your prayers. Thank you so much to my supporters! If anyone would like to support me in all of this work, please consider donating HERE (it is tax deductible šŸ˜‰


Christmas Dinner

HONORINEĀ – This little girl is so malnourished and dehydrated, is almost 2 years old, and can’t even crawl or stand. She was miserable and filthy when she first arrived. All it took was a few days of us loving her to transform her. She had to go home so her mother could come back as her caregiver instead of her father. She is supposed to be back mid-January for us to get her healthy over a couple months and then they will do her cleft lip surgery. I’m very worried about her getting back. Its a 3 day bus ride, and her area of Cameroon is where there is a lot of terrorists. Please pray for her.


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